What would happen if we stayed home today?

What would happen if we stayed home today?

If the armourers stayed home and played with their boys.
If the snipers stayed home and helped the girls with their toys.

If the airmen stayed home and steam-cleaned their cars.
While sailors wrote letters to their Mas and their Pas.

If the soldiers stayed in barracks and polished their boots
And officers sewed medals on their Remembrance Day suits.

If the generals stayed abed with their mistresses
And the admirals spent the day just playing Battleships.

And the politicians stayed home and counted their bribes
And not spreading hate, so everyone survives.

While military planners daydream of their secretaries
There’s no-one needed to cut new graves in cemeteries.

And orphans stayed home and counted lost lives.
And we just stayed home and loved our husbands and wives.

What if we all just stayed home today?
Would the world end?
Or the pain go away?

An Ode to Critical Criminology

It helps to know ‘critical criminology’ has its roots in Marxian theory.  It argues social harm—whether by individuals, corporations or states—is a better measure of criminality that simple violations of the law by individuals.  I am currently revising the subject and trying to forget my physical science definition of ‘theory’ and instead try to grasp the social science theories, concepts and themes of the module.

An Ode to Critical Criminology

I’d come to a conclusion:
To eliminate confusion
By dividing up the jargon
I’ll win through.

To aid in my revision
I’ll devise a clear division
Twixt module themes and theories,
Concepts too.

Although I am no sluggard
I’ll be rightly buggered
If I can tell the difference.
What shall I do?

I’ve tried asking my tutor
And searching my computer
But I cannot find the answer
How ’bout you?

I dream of schemes to manage themes,
It seems I’ll scream without a gleam of
Insight to this shite that’s driving me insane.

I’m so weary of ruddy theory.
It’s so dreary it makes me teary.
I cannot fight it – doing so is all in vain.

I have not slept, for this concept,
I can’t accept, it has side-stepped
My mind. Oh, Jesus wept!
It’s all a farce.

With authors we must remember
When I’d rather just dismember
The sodding lot and stick it up
Karl Marx’s arse!