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Frequently Asked Questions

Incidentally, FAQ actually stands for Frequently ANSWERED Questions.

What about self defence?

Yes, of course you can defend yourself. So if a hostile nation attacks first, you can retaliate.

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Does this mean disbanding the armed forces?

No. It is still necessary to maintain the ability to defend one's self.

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How will this stop existing wars?

It won't. But there are lots of organisations already undertaking this work.

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Are you a pacifist?

Why wouldn't anyone be a pacifist?

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What about buying poppies? Should I stop?

The Poppy Appeal is about remembrance of the suffering caused by war, and raising money to support those affected by it. Seems like a couple of good ideas to me.

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Is it true the only time there was been global peace in the 20th Century was for a few days after the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan?

I dunno. I've heard that claimed. (Bear in mind there were two atomic bombs dropped.) I'll need to research that.

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Is it true that the period since WWII is the longest period of peace in European history?

Heard that, but don't know if it is true.

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Is it true there has only been one year in the history of the British Army where no British soldiers were killed in combat.

Heard it, but find it hard to believe.

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No two countries with a McDonald's have ever gone to war. True or false?

True when it was written in 1999. Since then NATO has bombed Serbia, and Israel and Lebanon and then there's Yugoslavia. And Russia and Georgia. Not been true for some time.

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