Challenges as a student – employment

I have been silently turned down for a job I am currently doing to support my studies.

I was the major breadwinner but to support me in my studies my wife stopped being self-employed and took stable permanent work so I could reduce my time spent at work.  For a while I was a full-time unemployed student but I took a part-time, fixed-term Admin Assistant job six months ago to help a little with the bills (and to meet other people and not go stir-crazy).  I have never worked at this level before and I am enjoying it immensely.  Not being solely responsible for delivering a £20m project nor driving the output of a dispersed 20 member multi-disciplinary team nor having to work 60 to 100 hours per week is quite a delight, as is being able to talk to peers about problems without them using the information to stab you in the back to further their careers.

As it is fixed-term I have been applying for similar roles in case I do not get an extension.  I had an interview a couple of weeks back and I’ve been waiting to hear, they said they would know in a couple of days.  So I checked the jobs site through which I applied and it says:

Which is unfortunate.  I am enjoying doing the same job at the moment and the role I have applied for is fixed-term anyway.

I did explain I am enjoying working at this level and that I intend to do so for another two years until I have my degree.

Hey ho.  I always thought “over-qualified” was a euphemism for “Too old” or “Face doesn’t fit” anyway.  But they could have emailed me to tell me I hadn’t got it instead of leaving me hanging on.

And at least I can spell ‘believe’ correctly.

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