Two more domain registration scams – fake renewals

I help look after as it records the journey of seven war tax protestors.  I got a very well constructed email from what appeared to be the hosting company, sent to the right contact address,

Shame they used the brain-dead American date format – we don’t use that in the rest of the world.  Not the Peace Tax Seven, not me, not the hosting company.  But many lazy developers just use American code libraries and not change them appropriately.

Shame they got the VAT rate wrong at 21%.  A few countries in the EU have that rate, but not us.  But, not everyone would notice that, especially the way our tax has been fiddled with this past few weeks.

Shame they said the total payable is £11,097 !  Assuming they used European format numbers and meant £11.097, that would be 11.08% VAT.  WTF?

They do have a (faked) link to the hosting company to pay the bill.  And the incorrect email address ( ) which is some company with a poorly configured email server.

Perhaps if they were not so incompetent and sloppy, these people might be able to get real jobs in the IT industry.

The other one is for and is utter rubbish as well as totally criminal.  It uses domain to provide a fake re-registration page.  It claims to come from and yet reply to

They use to take payment – I have tried to contact them to tell them they are used by criminals but cannot work out how to do so.



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