Feedback is good, good feedback is great

Having decided to do an Open University degree to learn about conflict management and war prevention, I researched what modules are available and found myself rather spoiled for choice as they include:

  • Introducing the social sciences
  • Law – Rules, rights and justice: an introduction to law
  • The uses of social science
  • Power, dissent, equality: understanding contemporary politics
  • Exploring psychology
  • International development: making sense of a changing world
  • Welfare, crime and society
  • Living political ideas
  • A world of whose making?
  • Making social worlds
  • Europe 1914-1989 War, Peace, Modernity
  • Crime and Justice
  • Business, human rights law and corporate social responsibility
  • War, Intervention and Development

So I enrolled.  Then, a couple of days ago, the Open University had a table in my local library talking about the OU and what one could do.  A nice bit of synergy.  A two minute chat lasted best part of an hour.  One of the professors – a tutor for local students – said her PhD was in war studies.  Anyway, I ran my plan by her and she was very impressed with my plan and approach, which is very reassuring.

I went to a Drupal North West User Group Meeting last night in Manchester and had the chance to talk to a few people who had used a few CMS (Content Management System) products.  I have tried a number of CMS and related products this past few years, for example there’s my own wiki and this WordPress blog.  However, I had already decided to use Drupal for the 11112018 site and was told a number of times that I had chosen the right platform for what will be a complex site, which is very reassuring.