What’s in a name?

Google searches for “No New Wars Foundation” and “No New Wars Organisation” only came up with links to web sites I have created.

Phew!  I’ve come up with a globally novel name.

I really should have checked that eight months ago.

Eight months since I thought of the 11/11/2018 campaign – where did that time go?

Tag lines and elevator pitches

It is hard to come up with pithy, accurate and succinct tag lines, elevator pitches (yuck) for one’s self.  But I heard a few lines from Tom Tom Club‘s Wordy Rappinghood which goes:

Words of comfort, words of peace

Words to make the fighting cease


I like that, for the No New Wars concept.  Maybe with a slight change:

Words of counsel, words of peace

Words to make all fighting cease


A bit better than:

Let’s all work to stop new wars starting

Time to Plan – an Initial Timeline

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

My intention for the No New Wars organisation, and the 11/11/2018 campaign is:

  • Register NoNewWars.* sites.
  • Register 11112018.* sites.
  • Create a blog, a wiki and a forum.
  • Upload the content I have already written.
  • Order some double-sided business cards promoting No New Wars on one side and Eleven Eleven Twenty-Eighteen on the other.
  • Check out the opinion of friends, family and colleagues to see what they think / take feedback / see if my morale is tougher than their criticism.
  • Come up with suitable catchy expressions for the No New Wars organisation and the 11112018 campaign.
  • Aim to do this before 11/11/2012 (giving me about 6 weeks).  (originally written about the start of Oct 2012)
  • Put together a more detailed plan for publicity by 31/12/2012.
  • Aim to have achieved national radio and newspaper coverage before 11/11/2013, so that politicians can have 5 years’ warning of what is coming.
  • By the end of 2015 have a high UK profile.
  • By the summer of 2016, have every major UK political party discuss adding the No New Wars commitment at their summer conference.
  • By the end of 2016 have a profile in Western Europe and the USA.
  • By the end of 2017 have a definite lobbying ability aggressively pushing the 11/11/2018 message at all UK MPs and prospective candidates.  Also, able to target local councillors of major political parties.
  • By 31/12/2017 have every major UK political party include a “No New Wars” commitment in its party manifesto.
  • By 11/11/2018 have every major UK political party include a “No New Wars ever” commitment in its party rules.
  • By 11/11/2018 have a majority of UK MPs aware their career will be over if they vote for a new war.
  • By 11/11/2018 to have a functional, international, No New Wars organisation in place and actively lobbying Western Europe and the USA as a minimum.

Every blog has to start somewhere

It’s been 2 or 3 weeks since the epiphany (that was first written in September 2012): plenty of time to go off the boil, forget what I thought, or just give up.  But I haven’t.  So here goes.

A plan has been put together, initial domain names are registered, and the installation of the blog, forum and wiki begun.  I have a number of articles sitting in text files ready to be uploaded.

Hosting is by HostPost, the same provider as is used by the Blue Lamp Foundation, so that’s a good start.

Now I just need to get on and fill in the details, then start the marketing of the two ideas.

  1. No New Wars.  We do not need to start wars to solve the world’s problems any more. There are better alternatives to resolving problems than using our tax money to kill people including innocent civilians.  Let’s explore those options and ensure our politicians, civil servants and media are aware of them, and make sure these alternatives are used instead.
  2. Eleven-Eleven-Twenty-Eighteen.  The Great War, the “War to end all Wars” finished on 11th November 1918.  In just a few years we will have had 100 years’ experience to learn from that horror.  Long enough to know better.  So let’s get a commitment from the politicians in our own country that we will not let them start any new wars as from 11/11/2018.  We do this as individuals by telling our own elected and hopeful candidates, and the media, that this is a number one priority for for us and that if their party approves starting a war, or they personally vote for war, we will NEVER vote for them nor their party ever again.  That is, if they individually or jointly try to start a war, it will cost them their political career for life.